About Coaching

Coaching can help you communicate more confidently, enhance your interpersonal skills, and influence upwards so you can achieve your professional goals.

My experience working in the corporate field, training, and my professional intuition will help you become re-engaged in your career and inspire you for what your future holds.

What kind of coaching is right for you or your organization?

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Leadership Coaching

  • improve your leadership skills and gain confidence
  • achieve business goals and get better results
  • influence others at all levels
  • be heard and seen within your organization
  • gain credibility
  • advance your career and take on higher level projects
  • strengthen your organizational awareness
  • navigate office politics

Connect with me if any of these areas resonate with you.

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Group Coaching

Coaching designed for a group setting that allows the entire room to learn from each other. Topics include:

  • self-awareness
  • confident communication
  • emotional intelligence in the workplace
  • personal branding
  • state your opinion (without saying "sorry!")
  • building relationships with authenticity
  • understanding your leadership style
  • and many more…

If this sounds like what your organization needs, don't delay. Contact me to start a conversation.

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Women's Group Workshops

Designed to support women’s leadership efforts within your organization. Choose specific or customized workshops that include hands on activities that bring concepts to life.

If you're looking to grow engagement, I can help your organization start or continue its journey.



Not what you're looking for? See if facilitation is a better fit.