Hi, I'm Lisa.

I believe that working on development should be exciting, rewarding, and something done often.

We all have a lot on our plates and the thought of complicating life with our personal development can make us want to push it off until tomorrow.

I learned early on just how important professional development was to my own growth as a leader.

Throughout my career, I not only delivered strong results, but worked alongside great individuals who challenged me to be the best I could be. My personal development became woven into my professional life.

Living and working in the same environments as my clients gives me a unique window into their needs. My background led me to many roles where I was responsible for project planning, strategic business development, and developing robust cross-functional programs.

Knowing how to lead others, developing strong relationships, managing my emotions, and building a strong brand image were key to my career success.

I had an "Aha!" moment when I began working on my career plan. I didn’t know what was next for me so I spent time reflecting on what work gave me the most excitement, played to my strengths, and where I felt I could make the greatest impact.

In addition, it was important for me to ensure I was fulfilled both professionally and personally. It was clear that what I loved most in my career was developing others to be their best. It was then that Through-The-Hayes was born.

My passion and expertise are focused on guiding individuals to be their best so they can bring their best self into their work and personal lives and are ready to take on any challenge they face.

If you are looking to take control of your career, I am the best person to bring you to this sweet spot because every day,

I use it.

I practice it.

I do it.

Now it's your turn to begin your journey.