"In my first meeting, Lisa did not go through the basic boring career path questions such as what does your resume look like, how much salary are you in search of, or how fast do we need to turn this around? In place of those questions, Lisa created discussion around knowing me personally, asking detailed questions about what energizes me at work, what my long term dreams are, and the steps I need to set myself up for success. For Lisa, It is not just helping people get to the ‘next job,’ It becomes a journey of how to get people into a career that they love and want to perform in every day -- this is where Lisa shines when tackling career mentoring questions!"- Ryan S. 

"Working with Lisa was great!  Not only was her consulting completely worthwhile, her ability to boost your confidence to get out there and start networking was fantastic. She helped me keep my mind focused on what I wanted next. "- Lauren P.

"Initially I was looking for a Professional Coach to help me with polishing my communication skills so to best navigate the Leadership waters in which I swam. In very short order, it was clear Lisa could help with so much more. I am very grateful for, and still utilize many of the tools and pointers provided by Lisa to help me not only professionally, but also personally. It must be noted it became clear of Lisa's impact as others in my organization asked to tap into her wherewithal so to better their endeavors. The best form of a compliment and affirmation anyone can ask for."            - Kristy B.

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"Lisa worked with our team to help us understand ourselves as individuals and how that creates our team dynamics. As a result, we gained valuable insight into how our strengths show themselves and how to best apply that knowledge in our day-to-day activities at work. Very insightful and useful insights for our managers, teams and individuals!" Cheri -Public Affairs, Mayo Clinic. Rochester, MN.​

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I believe we should be energized and excited in our professional lives! My experience and training allow me to help inspire greatness in those that may be stuck or uncertain about how to move forward in their career.

Work/Life harmony is something I believe to my core. I know how important this is, not only to me but my clients as well. I am passionate about teaching you how to identify what’s draining you or getting in your way and guiding you to put into practice the activities that energize and move you forward.

Not only do I coach on these topics, but I live them as well. Balancing my professional life is my number one priority. I am not always perfect, but I have the tools and support to help me when I get off course and I look forward to sharing those with you!

LIVEs IT.   BREATHs IT.   inspires IT. 

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