Programs designed to support Women’s Leadership efforts within a company. Options include specific or customized workshops with follow-up group coaching sessions.  

Coaching designed in a group setting allowing the entire room to learn from each other.  Topics include: Self Awareness as the Starting Point,  State Your Opinion (without saying sorry!), Building Relationships with Authenticity, Sit at the Table and Ask Questions, Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace.

Assess what’s working in your professional and personal life, improve self-awareness and move any roadblocks that may be getting in your way. 


With an extensive career in two fortune 100 companies, I have balanced the challenges of my roles in strategic initiatives while developing others to reach their potential.

I started my career right out of college and quickly had to learn the art of corporate politics. Starting a family while starting a career helped me to understand the challenges we face balancing careers and personal lives. The challenges I faced during this time, both the good and bad, shaped me into the coach I am today!

What assured my corporate success was the ability to ask the right questions to those around me while maintaining a self-awareness of what I felt was important as a contributing team member. 

This is where I can help you! My experience in the corporate field, training, and professional intuition will help you become re-engaged in your career and inspired for what the future holds.

Whether what you’re looking for is communicating more confidently, enhancing your interpersonal skills, or influencing upwards, etc. I would love to be your partner. Learn more about the specific types of coaching I offer below.  

​​Leadership Coaching 

​Women's Group Workshops & Coaching

Group Coaching

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  • Improved leadership skills, confidence and presence
  • Achievement of goals and business results
  • Improved ability to influence at all levels
  • Greater voice and visibility within organizations
  • Enhanced credibility
  • Career advancements and higher level projects
  • Enhanced organizational awareness and ability to navigate office politics