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During a long career in two Fortune 100 companies, Target and Best Buy, I made my mark as a people manager who guided teams through the use of their own individual strengths and experiences, to deliver strong results. My 'technical background' led me to many roles where I was responsible for project planning, strategic business development and developing robust cross-functional programs. 

After my second layoff in 13 months, I decided to take a severance package and set out to figure out what was next. I took a month to relax and think about what I really wanted and what type of position I could really thrive in while leading a more balanced life. I realized that when I finally had time to stop and breathe a little bit that I liked the feeling. My soul was calm after trying to juggle work, kids, being a wife, and all of the other roles that I was playing on a daily basis. I knew then that I wanted to build a business around that sense of calmness and continue to follow that feeling in everything that I did with my business.

At first, I did what I practically and technically knew how to do, but I realized that I was still missing that key component of helping and inspiring others, particularly women. I needed that in my life. I decided to begin the journey of coaching people through their professional development.  It became clear that I wanted to continue my work with coaching and facilitating workshops. That is where I am energized and passionate. So I did. I took classes, set out on a learning journey and launched by coaching practice under the brand name, Through-The-Hayes in July 2014.

My primary goal is to help people to find work that they love and that they are great at. I am the best person to bring you to this sweet spot because I lived it. I’ve done it. I’ve practiced it. I’ve used it. If you can find that, just think how much happier you will be. And I look forward to being your partner on your journey!

To your growth, development and amazing potential!